Spec sheet

Keybrick one

Value / Desciption
Battery capacity1200mAh
Charging5V at up to 1000mA
Ouput characteristics9.3V nominal in Boost mode
7.8V nominal in Normal mode
6.3V nominal in ECO mode
Output power15W max.
Standby battery life> 1 year
when stored fully charged initially

LEGO® set compatibility:

Keybrick One is compatible with all sets using the LEGO® Powered Up Hub 88009. Currently we know of the following sets:

  • LEGO® Ideas Grand Piano 21323
  • LEGO® Crocodile Locomotive 10277
  • LEGO® Disney Train 71044
  • LEGO® City Passenger Train 60197
  • LEGO® City Cargo Train 60198
  • LEGO® App Controlled Batmobile 76112

User manual

Note: German and French translations are currently being redacted.